Key Funding Sources

Key Funding Sources

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (General Services Administration)
The Catalog (CFDA), issued annually and updated continuously on the Web, describes some 1,400 federal grants and non financial assistance programs administered by the departments and agencies of the federal government. It helps grantseekers identify programs that meet specific objectives of their projects and is intended to improve coordination and communication between the federal government and state and local applicants for federal assistance.

Catalog Indexes and Listings (GSA )
Although keyword searching is often a good place to start, also browse by broad subject, by federal department or agency, or by recipient category to identify more federal funding programs. CFDA program descriptions may provide direct links to local and regional federal office addresses, to related programs, and to Office of Management and Budget circulars.

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Developing and Writing Grant Proposals (CFDA)

Guidance in formulating federal grant applicatiolns, including initial proposal development, basic components of a proposal, review recommendations, and referral to federal guidelines and literature.

Federal Agency Contacts in Region/State (CFDA Appendix IV)
Much of the federal grants budget moves to the states through formula and block grants -- state, regional, and local federal offices often handle grants applications and funds disbursement. Each federal agency hass its own procedures: if the CFDA program description refers to a state or regional Information Contact as listed in Appendix IV, grantseekers should contact the federal department or agency office listed here before applying for funding to obtain the most up-to-date information.

State 'Single Points of Contact' (Office of Management and Budget)
Under Executive Order 12372 of 1962, federal grants applicants may be required to submit a copy of their application for state government level review and comment. The state offices listed here coordinate government (both federal and state) grants development and provide guidance to grantseekers.

CFDA in Print (Government Printing Office)
Although the Catalog is available full-text on the Internet, some may prefer to consult a printed version. Users should remember only the Web Catalog is updated throughout the year-- the published volume is annual with no mid-year supplements.