It is Senator McCain’s privilege as one of Arizona’s representatives in Washington, D.C. to assist you with matters involving US federal agencies.  If you are experiencing a problem with a federal agency, please contact Senator McCain’s Arizona offices regarding your situation.  The staff members are qualified to assist with all federal agencies that do not involve judicial matters. 

In order to assist you with your situation the office must have your written consent.  The Privacy Act of 1974 protects your personal information, and prohibits a federal agency from distributing your personal information to another party without your written consent.  A federal agency will not allow the Senator’s office to assist you without a completed written form of consent. 

In addition to this form, please send any copies of supporting documents, as well as a detailed description of the situation, and what you are seeking from Senator McCain's office.  All casework should be sent to one of the Senator’s Arizona offices.  But, please avoid sending originals of any documents or photographs as correspondence is subject to mail-security screening that may result in damage or discoloration.

It is the long-standing tradition of the Senate to afford your Senator the opportunity to assist you. If you are not a resident of the State of Arizona, we will forward your inquiry to the Senator that represents your state.  To find your Senator please visit

Senator McCain does not have the authority to change or overturn a decision that has already been made by a federal agency.

Privacy Act of 1974

The Privacy Act of 1974 is used to protect individuals records held by federal government agencies.  Upon the written request of the individual, records will be disclosed for review, or amendment. Written consent must be obtained by the Senator’s office in order to assist you with your situation.  Please print out and complete the Privacy Act Consent Form, sign and date it, and fax or mail it to one of the Senator’s Arizona Offices.


Arizona Offices

2201 East Camelback Road, Suite 115
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
Phone: (602) 952-2410
Fax: (855) 952-8702
407 West Congress Street, Suite 103
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