Press Releases

Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) today delivered the following remarks expressing support for the slate of nominees to the United States District Court for the District of Arizona.

“I am pleased to join today with my friend and colleague, Senator Flake, to express support for this diverse and historic slate of nominees to the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. Between today and tomorrow, the Senate will vote to confirm six judges to the federal court in Arizona. I urge my colleagues to join me in supporting these nominees.

“The federal district court in Arizona has been under tremendous strain these past few years, and the confirmation of these six judges will be a great relief to an overburdened court, one which is consistently ranked as one of the top ten busiest in the country. Of the 13 authorized judgeships for this court, 6 are currently vacant. This, together with the large caseload, led the District of Arizona to be declared a ‘judicial emergency’ in 2011. This has created an untenable situation for the court in Arizona, and the confirmation of these nominees is critical to ensure that the administration of justice is timely and fair for the people of Arizona.

“The slate of nominees before the Senate is the product of consensus, cooperation, and careful deliberation, selected with the help of a non-partisan judiciary evaluation commission. They saw overwhelming support in the Judiciary Committee, and the brief descriptions that follow only begin to capture the breadth of these nominees’ experiences, and the depth of their commitment to our legal system.

“Judge Steven Logan, has already proven to be an asset to the District Court in Arizona, where he currently serves as a magistrate judge. That experience, together with his work as an immigration judge and military trial judge, make him uniquely qualified to serve as an Article 3 judge.

“John Tuchi currently serves as Chief Assistant United States Attorney, and has the qualifications to be a district judge, based in part on his dedication to public service, extensive trial experience, and practice before federal courts.

“Diane Humetewa has an impressive legal background, ranging from work as prosecutor and an appellate court judge to the Hopi Nation to service as U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona. Plus, hers is a truly historic nomination. If confirmed, she would be the first Native American woman to ever serve on the federal bench.

“Tomorrow, the Senate will vote on the following three nominees.

“Judge Douglas Rayes, also nominated for the Phoenix division, currently serves as a Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, where he has presided over thousands of cases in family law, criminal law, and complex civil litigation. Together with 18 years in private practice, Judge Rayes’ experience and insight will be valuable to the federal court.

“Rosemary Marquez has worked as a public defender and prosecutor, as well as in private practice. Her extensive experience working in border districts and her Hispanic heritage will be invaluable assets to the federal court.

“And lastly, Judge James Soto, whose experience includes running a private practice that covered a broad array of commercial, civil, and criminal cases and service on the Santa Cruz County Superior Court, together with an understanding of issues important to border communities, have prepared him to serve ably as a district judge in Tucson.

“Each of these nominees has shown a commitment to justice, public service, and the people of Arizona. Each also has demonstrated the judicial temperament and professional demeanor necessary to serve in this capacity with integrity. I urge my colleagues to support these nominees – the three we are voting on today and the three that will be voted on tomorrow morning – by voting yes for cloture and for final confirmation.

“Thank you, Mr. President.”