Crime, Justice, and Judiciary

Crime, Justice and Judiciary

Senator McCain believes that the role of the judiciary is to interpret the Constitution and laws created by Congress, not become activist, misconstrue legislative intent, or create their own laws. Recognizing that access to the courts is a vital part of the justice system, Senator McCain was a member of the historic “Gang of 14” who negotiated a bi-partisan compromise to fill judicial vacancies. The standards set by the “Gang of 14” remain in place today and have been a useful tool for the Congress and the President, as judicial nominations are moved through the nomination process.

From Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to Senator Jon Kyl, Arizona has a rich and storied legal history. For Senator McCain, one of the best ways to honor that legacy is to work with whomever is the President and other Senators to fill vacancies with the most qualified people who are willing to serve their country as judges.

Crime has a damaging effect on our families, communities and the nation. Throughout Senator McCain's career, he has fought for a strong criminal justice system that protects the innocent, and punishes those who break the law. When it comes to law enforcement, the Senator's first priority is to ensure that our nation's first responder professionals have the resources and tools they need to keep our neighborhoods safe. Additionally, our federal, state and local prosecutors must have all the necessary resources to prosecute criminals successfully.

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