Press Releases

PROTECTION FOR BOXERS FROM COERCIVE CONTRACTS "Sense of the Congress" recommendation that the ABC should develop minimum guidelines for boxer contracts, and that state commissions should follow them. The Act imposes a one-year limit on promotional rights that a promoter forces a boxer(or the boxer's current promoter) to provide, in those situations where the boxer in question would otherwise be denied the opportunity to compete in a bout. i.e. "Unless you give me options on future bouts, you don't get this one." Any contractual rights thereby gained are limited to 1 yr. The Act prohibits any entity in boxing from forcing a mandatory challenger (such as a No. 1 ranked contender) to give up promotional rights, or otherwise be denied the mandatory bout. SANCTIONING ORGANIZATION REFORMS "Sense of the Congress" recommendation that the ABC should develop guidelines for the legitimate ranking of boxers, and that sanctioning organizations (SO's) should follow them. SO's must respond to protests from boxers about their rankings within 7 days. SO's must provide a justification for changes they make in their "Top 10" rankings on their Internet website. On an annual basis, SO's must publicly disclose their ratings policies & bylaws; the fees they charge boxers; and the names & addresses of their members who decide rankings. The information must be provided either on their website or to the Federal Trade Commission. SO's must disclose all charges they impose on a boxer, and all sources of their revenue, to the supervising state commission. REQUIRED DISCLOSURES FOR PROMOTERS Promoters must fully disclose the following information to the supervising state commission: complete copy of their contracts with the boxer(s); all fees and charges they impose on the boxer(s); all payments made to SO's; any reduction in the purse promised to the boxer(s); advise the boxer of the revenues gained by the promoter from the event. Additionally, judges & referees must disclose payments received. To participate in a bout, they must be certified by that state. CONFLICTS OF INTEREST Promoters are barred from having financial ties to the manager of a boxer. (exception provided for club show promoters) SO's are prohibited from receiving hidden payments from any source in the industry. ENFORCEMENT Individuals knowingly violating the Act can face up to one year in jail or fines up to $100,000. (Larger fines re: major events) State Attorneys General can initiate civil actions & injunctions under the Act. Boxers can bring private actions. MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Each state boxing commission must enforce the suspension of boxers due to misconduct that are imposed by other state commissions. "Sense of the Congress" recommendation that state commissions should provide information to boxers about the risk of brain injuries in the sport. If a state does not have a boxing commission, boxing events held in that state may be supervised by representative of the A.B.C. State commissions shall renew boxer ID cards every four years.